Spooky Halloween - Crackpot Podcast 12

Spooky Halloween

    The Twelfth episode of The Crackpot Podcast features James LaFond and Lynn Lockhart. Topics covered include: Buzz bunny, what was Halloween like, real Halloween in Baltimore, self service trick-or-treating and listening to music while writing fiction.


    The Crackpot Podcast is hosted by prolific author James LaFond and ever knowledgeable Lynn Lockhart. James is a full-time writer, part-time coach and part-time wage slave with an extensive history of brain trauma. 


Crackpot Podcast 12 - Spooky Halloween - October 19, 2017

Spooky Halloween - Crackpot Podcast
Spooky Halloween - Crackpot Podcast

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October 19, 2017 - Spooky Halloween

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Podcast Highlights

00:45 2017's Halloween story, Animal Control
03:36 Buzz Bunny (earlier anthropomorphic story)
05:15 Discussion of how wildlife could use weapons
07:11 What was Halloween like for James growing up?
08:50 What was Halloween like when James' kids were small?
10:58 How James learned to use the speedbag
14:09 Adventures of the neighborhood possum (opossum?) Hiss
16:10 Did James ever have to hand out candy?
16:55 Real Halloween in Baltimore
17:27 Interlude for local emergency response activity
19:50 A Hoodrat Halloween (Kindle & paperback)
23:41 Where is Oliver?
24:36 Oliver, you must finish taping A Hoodrat Halloween!!
26:03 Listening to music while writing fiction
27:02 Hurt Yurt origin story
31:31 How to do self service trick-or-treating
35:12 Skulker Jones, Sympathy for the Devil
41:15 Hemavore
41:52 The Filthy Few
43:20 DoomFawn (Kindle & paperback)

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