Coed Sports and Severed Heads - Crackpot Podcast 16

Coed Sports and Severed Heads

    The Sixteenth episode of The Crackpot Podcast features James LaFond and Lynn Lockhart. Topics discussed tonight include:  professional sports, domestic violence, insects and the slave instinct, totally unsubstantiated speculation on the Las Vegas shooting, child rearing, description of 19th century art and more.


    The Crackpot Podcast Features Lynn Lockhart and prolific author James LaFond James is a full-time writer, part-time coach and part-time wage slave with an extensive history of brain trauma.


Crackpot Podcast 16 - Coed Sports and Severed Heads -  November 16, 2017


#Seneca , #Darwin , #Evola , #CollegeSports, #Selfcensorship and training 


Coed Sports and Severed Heads - Crackpot Podcast
Coed Sports and Severed Heads - Crackpot Podcast

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November 16, 2017 - Coed Sports and Severed Heads

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Episode 16

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Podcast Highlights

00:02:30  Quote from Seneca

00:04:13  The importance of the physical world

00:05:15  Darwin and the slave instinct

00:07:02  Specialization is for insects

00:11:10  Evola

00:12:20  At first James thought Lynn was a dude

00:16:20  Queens more likely to go to war than kings historically

00:20:25  Sports as a spectator vs a participant

00:27:25  College sports

00:31:05  NFL, Ray Rice

00:35:25  Coed sports in ancient Greece

00:38:40  Origins of ball sports

00:39:45  Lacrosse

00:43:00  The importance of tool use for women's self defense

00:46:50  Preschool

00:50:06  Las Vegas update

01:01:30  Self censorship

01:03:31  Today's art, by Baroness Hyde de Neuville an 1821 sketch of a war dance for President Monroe, as seen in American Heritage Book of the Presidents and Famous Americans, Vol. 2.

01:16:50  Update on James' coaching and training availability.

01:23:50  Current events from two weeks ago

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