Honor and Sportsmanship - Crackpot Podcast 18

Honor and Sportsmanship

    The Eighteenth episode of The Crackpot Podcast features James LaFond and Lynn Lockhart. Tonight an examination on how sportsmanship is a substitute for the honor system of a warrior, and how even sportsmanship is degraded in the modern world.


    The Crackpot Podcast Features Lynn Lockhart and prolific author James LaFond James is a full-time writer, part-time coach and part-time wage slave with an extensive history of brain trauma.


Crackpot Podcast 18 - Honor and Sportsmanship -  November 29, 2017


#sportsmanship , #honor , #Pseudonyms , #guncontrol ,  #Hellenistic ,  and #materialism


Honor and Sportsmanship - Crackpot Podcast
Honor and Sportsmanship - Crackpot Podcast

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November 29, 2017 - Honor and Sportsmanship

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Episode 18

Honor and Sportsmanship - Crackpot Podcast - YouTube  - Video

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Podcast Highlights

0:00:45 Illustration of Seminole King from Bartram's Travels Through North & South Carolina

0:02:40 Quote from Evola, "honeyed universal love"

0:05:15 Honor and sportsmanship

0:08:50 Joseph Campbell's lectures

0:12:10 Upper & lower classes vs merchant class

0:16:20 Protestantism abandons mysticism and brings God to the bank

0:17:33 "The Fancy" as described in Pierce Egan's Boxiana

0:18:30 Is sportsmanship an Anglo-Saxon cultural trait?

0:24:15 Gorilla Wall Paul

0:26:45 Deception in sports and war

0:28:00 Illusion of an American in-group, anarchotyrrany, a sector of society is at war with all others

0:31:25 Pseudonyms

0:41:55 Texas church shooting, gun control

0:43:15 Local reporting on crime in Baltimore improving?

0:47:20 The slave instinct

0:50:05 Materialism in the late Hellenistic period

0:50:55 Atheism vs. spiritualism in civilization

0:55:35 Plagues?

0:56:20 Current events from 2 weeks ago, Trump's remarks on Japan's martial culture

1:00:30 Veterans of WWII vs. Veterans of the Middle Eastern wars of the 21st century

1:04:20 American culture and the impact to other cultures

1:07:25 Christianity vs Materialism in America

1:12:00 Reverent Chandler

1:12:15 Election night 2016 YouTube Meltdown playlist

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